Music at First Presbyterian Church of Norfolk

Stephen Z. Cook is the Director of Music and Organist at First Presbyterian Church in Norfolk, Virginia. The music ministry at the church is a vital part of its life with a children's choir, an adult choir, and a team of contemporary worship leaders.

The adult choir leads two of the three Sunday morning services, and every December there is a special program of music, usually lessons and carols with instruments, but sometimes major works are presented within the context of the service as well. From week to week, the choir sings a wide variety of music from the classical literature ranging from 17th-century Germany to 21st-century America and everything in between.

Under the capable hands of Cook, the traditional services are led with the help of church's magnificent pipe organ (click here for more information). You will find the hymn accompaniments stirring as the singing of hymns is an important part of our traditional worship.


The church currently has a large number of youth who play stringed instruments. Several times throughout the school year you may hear them perform either in the breezeway between the Sunday morning services or within the context of a service. It is important for the music ministry to encourage our young musicians and to find ways for them to use their talents for the glory of God and ministry to the congregation.